My first giveaway! I’m super excited :D

So to celebrate EXO’s new comeback and the wonderful time I’ve had on tumblr with the EXO fandom, I’m holding a giveaway for their upcoming album. This will be something of a lightning giveaway because I will end it when the new album is released so I can send it off to the winner right away! I know kpop albums can be expensive and difficult to acquire for some people, so this is a way for me to say thankful to this wonderful community. Plus it is an excellent way to support our boys’ new comeback!

The prize: Both Korean and Chinese versions of EXO’s new album.


  • You don’t have to follow me (tho I would love it if you did :3)
  • Likes and reblogs count. No limit on reblogs.
  • No giveaway blogs. You must have some EXO on your blog.
  • Winner will be selected at random.
  • Winner will be contacted via ask. Two messages will be sent to ensure delivery, and the winner has 24hrs to respond before I select a new winner.
  • Open internationally.
  • I’ll throw in a bonus: If the winner is someone who follows me, they will also receive the poster mailed in a tube.

Giveaway ends April 15th, 2014. YEHET!


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1.The winner can get this dress randomly

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From 27th March to 3rd April. Only reblog is valid.

Good luck sweeties!! 

If you want to buy it, you can click here to buy:

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Please don’t delete your reblog links, I have to check it when you are win.

And we were golden. [x]

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